Dues Structure

2021 National Dues Structure for Active and Provisional Members

  • 1st Year $500
  • 2nd Year $650
  • 3rd Year Prevailing Dues Rate
  • Pro-rated dues:  Those who join between March 1st and August 31st may join at the pro-rated dues rate of: $250.  The CMAA National Office will then beginning billing for the following year at the end of October.

This dues benefit is for new and rejoining members only; reinstating members are NOT afforded these rates. Membership reinstatement occurs when a dropped member pays his/her outstanding dues within the same dues year. Once a full membership year has passed, former members must rejoin CMAA.

Alumnus Members

  • 1st Year $425
  • 2nd Year Half of Prevailing Dues Rate

Current/former Student members of CMAA now holding a management position at a club may be eligible for Alumnus status. Please contact CMAA's Chapter/Member Services Department at 703-739-9500 for information and details.

Faculty Members

  • 1st Year $100
  • 2nd Year $100

2021 Mile High Chapter Dues

  • Amount due if paid PRIOR TO February 28th, 2021 & New Joining Members
  • 1st Person at Club (Manager/GM) $350
  • Other Person/s from Same Club $300

Amount due if paid AFTER February 28th, 2021

  • 1st Person at Club (Manager/GM) $375
  • Other Person/s from Same Club $325